All Files @ 842 MB ( Downloads ) UPDATE i forgot to include HTACCSES Files Here is the files Download HTacces File and rename to .htaccess Default MYSQL Pass -> test Default user -> root Those files are setted up as MULTI Server Server1 -> DB Server <- Server 2 They are connected over private lan -> <- Please check all files before it will work if not edited they will NOT work as a lot of Settings are wrong xD The Database itself is also secured to ONLY allow a connection from localhost or from the LAN so before using the mysql server , please be sure to also check Permitions or it WILL NOT work The following Databases are used Account -> Your users Lo -> LowRate Server Hi -> HighRate Server Web -> Our Website Database ( for the system ) The website user is the following power -> website Also it is locked on ip , so be sure to change it as needed ... Those files are a oldScool LowRate/Highrate server with custom settings PLEASE NOTE Test server is a server up to lvl 50 with quest system it is a stand alone server , not related to the above setup Enjoy Greets From PowerChaos here is also my old control panel ( version 2.1 @ powercp) Old Control panel @ 2 MB ( Downloads )