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DemonPower Online General Rules

This is a family orientated game and we now have 0 tolerance for cursing/cussing or abbreviating a cuss word in the broadcast system.
Children play this game, lets keep it clean.
Capital letters should be limited in the broadcast as well.
Depending on the severity of the swearing these actions will carry the following punisment, 1st time 24hr mute, 2nd time 7 day mute, 3rd time perm ban.
If your language is so foul the first time we will go directly to punishment.

"Broadcast language"
English only in the broadcast this is solely so staff can help YOU.
You are also not to spam the broadcast.
Spamming consists of sending the same message back to back over a short period of time.

No sharing of accounts.
This rule is made for your own safety because if you are sharing the account and you lose your stuff we won't do anything against it because you've shared the account on your own accord.
Also we suggest to enable your Account lock if you leave the game.
it prevent unwanted acces to your account even if they got your username/password.

No player is to be using any third party programs to play DemonPower Online.
If the program isn't the client it self, you are not to be using it.
Players are also not allowed to use any item to hold down the keys on their keyboard while they are not physically at the computer playing.

"Reporting players"
Players are NOT to accuse anyone of anything (cheating,scamming, hacking, verbal abuse, toxic behaviour, abusing bugs, proclaim behaviour) in any public places/chatboxes.
Please get a physical and solid proof for that (screenshot or a small video preferable) and report it to the Staff Members or in the report section on website/discord.
All those things (cheating,scamming, hacking, verbal abuse, toxic behaviour, abusing bugs, proclaim behaviour) are bannable after 3rd warning or instantly depending on what they've done.
But if you report someone without a physical and solid proof which will lead to a false accusation you will get penalized yourself.

Harrasing a player results in a permanent ban after 3 strikes.
So do not harass/insult anyone you can be penalized harshly for it and if a player tells you to stop talking with them, please listen to them because they are not obliged to accept your harassment or insults.

"Treatment towards Staff Members"
We do not tollerate harassment of the Staff members.
Anyone found to be harassing staff will be dealt with severe penalties because the Staff Members are here to help you and to make a fair and better gameplay.
Do not give flowers to a female Staff Member because they won't be able to use commands to add/test/remake/solve bugs if you do.
Do not pk a Staff Member unless he/she asks you for that because he/she needs help with testing something.

Staff members also have staff robes , if they do not contain [PM] or [GM] in name means they are not using any powers and are just Normal players.
Only a [GM] or [PM] Account has powers , The staff robe is just to reconise who you can report to.

In case you find any bugs don't abuse them, please report them.
Abusing the bugs might get you penlized,reporting them can provide a reward depending on the kind of bug.

    a item quest does not drop -> no reward as it is a general common bug.
    a skill instand kills level 150 boss ... even on level 50 -> reward of 2.000 Clouds because game breaking bug.
    You can compose donator mounts -> reward of 50.000 Clouds as this is Extreme Gamebreaking.
if bugs get reported and not abused then nothing will be done against the "abuse", but if you keep using the bug with out reporting then action will be taken

Do not beg Staff Members or players for items, eps, pets.
If you want something, please go out and farm for it, quest for it, grind for it.

Any player found advertising our server on any other server with out permission, or advertising for another server on our server with out permission, will be PERMANENTLY banned from this server.
This is your ONLY warning.

To prevent that, each time you are doing trades/sells with someone please take a screenshots both of the trade or of the part where you spoke with the other player for your agreement.
also make sure you trade in a PK free zone ... it woulnd be the first time that you trade and get killed.
if you get killed in a PK free zone? then report it as a bug.
If you traded someone the pets on your own accord without anything in return (borrowed your pets) we won't do anything against that player if you are not getting them back, because it's your own mistake.

"In-game sells"
Do not sell any in-game items/eps/pets/garmets or anything else for real life money.
The only legal way to get anything is by using the WebShop.. no other ways are avaible to get items.

Do not give ThunderJuice to your mounts/pets obtainable from the Pet Quest because they will be bugged.
They will get Thunder race after each maintenance. (monday -> wensday -> friday @ 8PM Server time)

Enjoy DemonPower Online

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