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We have a highrate and a lowRate server
They are designed to have the most fun on it
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PowerRate Test Server


Posted on 26th Oct 2014 20:56:28 by PowerChaos[PM]

Dear users
At current moment we got a new server ready that can be tested out

We prepared a few accounts on that server that are free to be tested with

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RE: Developer Requests
Posted on Thursday December 18, 2014 by Cedry2k

Um , i guess i can apply then for a GM status , because for PM status i don't have enough time for that , also about your control panel on website i know how it works , since it's used on Thunder EO server too , i'm very familiar with it , also i have experience as a GM , i am a GM in Thunder EO too at the moment , anyway , i can do a good job as a GM also if i can be a GM with PM status like Phoenix that will be nice too .

IGN : Cedry2k .

Waiting for a reply ,


RE: Developer Requests
Posted on Thursday December 18, 2014 by ThePlague

But if i could get more information on the server email me at sgt.sinister.2012@gmail.com so i can better understand and see if im capable of doing what your requesting

RE: Developer Requests
Posted on Thursday December 18, 2014 by ThePlague

Holy~Rose i think you should strongly consider the option, your very informative and helpful, plus with a background and experience your an outstanding Candidate! I too have experience in what they are look, i have been a Gm for private servers for conquer online and i play on highrate though.

RE: Developer Requests
Posted on Thursday December 18, 2014 by PowerChaos[PM]

Phoenix was the first pm but basic he is a Gm with pm rank on seriver

The user with most skills get ofcourse the highest rank
the rank system still need a lot of developing/tweaking and as soon that is done will the final ranks be anounced

As he is the only one at current moment does he have the right to be in charge unless some one else can take his place

So if you can manage a team and know your stuff can you also be the team leader

Just keep in mind that the leader will responsible for the progress of dp
meaning that he need to assign tasks and priority's to the team when he get them from me

Of course I also watch over it

All job ranks are available
So if you want to be the team leader then it is possible

But there can only be one to prevent trouble
so if others are better it can be switched

Greets from powerchaos

Ps:if we got staff then phoenix will go back to gm as he does not work in db but just provide support in game

Posted on Thursday December 18, 2014 by Holy~Rose

No problem. Glad I could help. :D

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St.Valentinehello everyone
St.Valentinehello everyone :D


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St.Valentinehello everyone :D


Seems login server was having some trouble , should be fixed now

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ThePlagueWelcome new players:D Get ahold of me with questions or if you need help!
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