Welcome to our BETA Server
We have a highrate and a lowRate server
They are designed to have the most fun on it
enjoy the game xD


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PowerRate Test Server


Posted on 26th Oct 2014 20:56:28 by PowerChaos[PM]

Dear users
At current moment we got a new server ready that can be tested out

We prepared a few accounts on that server that are free to be tested with

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Last Shout was at 11/02/2015 @ 06:59:09
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typeRwhy icannot log into highrates server????
Damion~Vondrananyone on?
KingsCross[GM]Where the Players at!? Come on :D
AdderI hear crickets

Last 5 HighRate Shouts

Last Shout was at 26/03/2015 @ 02:55:35
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HannaH#77hello guys :D#77


Sorry i disconnected.. if someone was pm me .. please pm me again


Hello everyone! How are we this evening?


hey everyone :)
Spartan117Nice! #24

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